For distributed product teams who benefit from structured classrooms and guided experience, Sequent’s virtual live programs provide an optimal blend of information, facilitated team exercises, and robust discussions.  Designed for up to four small teams, these programs are delivered over five or six sessions, appropriately spaced. For many firms, inter-session homework builds deep bench strength and unified cross-functional teams.  All of Sequent’s onsite workshops are available for virtual delivery.

Product Management Essentials

For product managers and their teams who operate in a dispersed environment and need to be equipped with the knowledge and mindset to be more effective, this live, instructor-led product management virtual program delivers an extraordinary value proposition.

Advanced Product Management & Strategy Workshop

For product teams who have foundational experience in product management and need to consider their vision, goals, and strategy with greater purpose, this is the workshop for you.

Product Life Cycle Optimization Workshop

This virtual, instructor-led workshop holds your key to the future. Your product teams will learn how to examine their product’s business and market performance and identify opportunities to fine-tune their product’s business and contribution to the firm… at the speed of the market!

Business Acumen

A product is a business in a business. Therefore, everyone on a product team, regardless of function, should understand their role in the success of that product’s business. The lynchpin is business acumen.

Implementing and Leading Product Management

Designed to help leaders of product organizations and/or managers of product managers enable their teams with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to be successful.

Business Case Workshop

This live, virtual workshop is designed to bring cross-functional teams together to collaborate on one or more product investment opportunities.