A Complete Product Management Training Curriculum

Energize and empower your product organization with a portfolio of product management training courses, available in a format that works best for your company.

For product executives and corporate leaders, it’s a fact that product management is a non-negotiable to build organizational strength.   When your company has well-trained product managers and product teams, you can achieve greater levels of corporate performance.  Sequent’s corporate product management training builds the capabilities that enable strong product teams led by successful product managers.

Our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, learning objectives, and organizational context means we can work to customize our product management training programs that directly tie to drivers of value and to support corporate and other transformation initiatives.

Our curriculum includes the following

Scheduled, Onsite

Product managers find tremendous value in face-to-face facilitated training. Sequent’s scheduled face-to-face workshops provide a unique experience through its team-based approach to product management training. These facilitated programs are optimized for learning with modular courses, targeted exercises, and intensely interactive discussions.

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Online, On-Demand

For product managers and leaders, our online on-demand training provides learning opportunities for individuals and small teams who need to learn at their own pace. Programs are divided into digestible chapters with engaging videos, check-ins, quizzes, and robust learning resources.

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Virtual, Live Instructor-Led

For distributed product teams who benefit from structured classrooms and guided experience, Sequent’s virtual live programs provide an optimal blend of information, facilitated team exercises, and robust discussions. Designed for up to 16 people per workshop, these programs are delivered over four or five sessions, appropriately spaced. For many firms, inter-session homework builds deep bench strength and unified cross-functional teams.

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