For individuals or smaller product teams who have critical assignments and would benefit from guidance and support, Sequent’s expert consultants and facilitators can help with focused product management coaching and learn-by-doing programs.

The potential for building product management bench strength can often come from a personalized approach to product management professional development.  Our product management coaching programs help individual product managers,  small product teams, and product leaders to build product management power skills, to become more effective, and deliver positive results.

Why Choose Product Management Coaching & Learn-by-Doing Approach?

  • Targeted Skill Development: Our expert coaches provide personalized guidance and support, focusing on critical product management areas like business case development, product strategy & roadmap creation, voice of customer research, and product launch planning & deployment.
  • Learn & Apply in Real-Time: Go beyond theory with our learn-by-doing approach. Apply newly acquired skills to real-world product management challenges within your organization, ensuring immediate impact.
  • Flexible Solutions for All Needs: Whether you require short-term coaching for product leadership or a longer-term program for your product team, Sequent Learning tailors its programs to your specific timeframe and objectives.
  • Proven Track Record of Success: Our experienced consultants and facilitators have a proven track record of helping product managers and teams achieve tangible results.

Benefits of Product Management Coaching & Learn-by-Doing:

  • Enhanced Product Management Skills: Develop your team’s capabilities in critical areas like product strategy, user research, and go-to-market planning.
  • Increased Product Team Effectiveness: Improve collaboration, communication, and decision-making within your product team.
  • Measurable ROI: Experience a positive return on investment through improved product performance and market success.



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