What is business acumen? Business acumen is a portfolio of skills, behaviors, and capabilities needed to support an organization in the achievement of its financial and strategic goals.

Sequent’s sister company, the Business Acumen Institute provides training solutions to anyone who works on a product team, or for that matter, any other function in a company.

This online Business Acumen course can help these emerging leaders by demonstrating how to think about the multi-dimensional aspects that make up business acumen as shown in the Business Acumen Canvas, and as articulated in The Business Acumen Handbook.  The workshop’s comprehensive skill-building exercises reinforce key concepts by offering the opportunity to practice and apply.

In this online business acumen course, product managers and leaders will learn to:

  • Think strategically
  • Decide with data
  • Act with agility
  • Collaborate with purpose
  • Keep the numbers in mind
  • Perform with excellence

Online, On-Demand Delivery

For product managers who want to improve their knowledge and capability, and need to efficiently manage their time, our online on-demand training provides courses designed to help you learn at your own pace.   Programs are divided into digestible chapters with videos, check-ins, quizzes, and other learning resources.

If you are looking to train your team, Sequent and The Business Acumen Institute works with your company to review content, determine areas of customization, organization of teams, and arrangements for workshops for a truly bespoke experience.

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