We strive to professionalize product management and have practiced what we preach by teaching and training Product Managers in all industries for 20 years. As a tight-knit team, we serve a vibrant community of product managers and product leaders.

Open Positions

Product Management Trainer and Facilitator

This isn’t your typical job description. In fact, it’s all about you. Take a look at this list of things you’ve accomplished – and if you resonate with them, read on, and perhaps we’ll talk further. Start each point with “I am a person who: ______”

  • Serves as product management leader (director or above) in a mid-to-large sized company.
  • Loves to coach and develop product manager talent.
  • Can go toe-to-toe with any C-suite executive.
  • Has tremendous energy, passion, and enthusiasm.
  • Made it a point to keep my fingers on the pulse on the heartbeat of customers and market trends to create or improve products for which I’m responsible.
  • Managed more than one product line with positive contributions.
  • Know how to get a product developed and in market – both a physical product and a software or digital product.
  • Know both waterfall and agile development and has experience with both.
  • Figured out the magic of product line and product portfolio optimization.
  • Mastered organizational politics to the point where I have earned a positive reputation and have become a well-known, go-to, resource.
  • Developed close cross-functional relationships, and got people who had their own agendas, to follow your lead so that everyone wins.
  • Tremendous energy, passion, and enthusiasm.
  • Loves to teach, and want to devote the next part of my career to helping product managers and their managers to excel as business-minded, strategic thinking product people.
  • Have a business and/or technical degree with at least 10 years of product management experience, at least half in a managerial or leadership position.
  • Knows what it takes to influence and advise on key organizational transformational challenges.

Now that we have your attention, we’re looking for a couple of product management trainers and facilitators who are willing to:

  1. Help us nurture and grow our customer base
  2. Learn to conduct product management organizational diagnostics Facilitate our product management workshops
  3. Facilitate our Product Management workshops
  4. Develop and produce thought leading content
  5. Provide advisory support to our clients
  6. Can travel 50-75% of the time.

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