If you have a new product manager in your organization who would benefit from an Introduction to Product Management course or someone that would benefit from a quick two-session product management training, this is an excellent opportunity. We rarely host this class for the public; take advantage while you can!

This Intro to Product Management level course titled, Product Management Essentials provides an ideal short course to learn:

  1. The role of the product manager and the product team
  2. The importance of data
  3. How to garner customer and market insights
  4. What’s needed to formulate a product strategy & roadmap
  5. The essential elements to planning and prioritize
  6. How to orchestrate a product launch
  7. The analysis of a product’s performance

For just $2,295 per person, this Product Management Essentials course will provide a live and engaging experience that delivers the foundations of product management and the tools to apply the skills when they return to their desk.

Public Workshops

Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2024

New York, NY Product Management Essentials $2,295
Product Management Essentials $2,295

October 2-3, 2024

New York, NY Business Acumen Essentials $2,295
Business Acumen Essentials $2,295