For leaders who want to take their product teams to the next level and deeply cultivate expertise in specific product management work areas, Sequent’s outcome driven action learning programs offer an ideal solution.

These detailed hands-on product management programs are designed for collaborative work teams who will benefit from embedding a repeatable practice within their company.

These programs are designed to take a step-by-step approach with teams as they prepare, participate, and work together for up to 8 weeks. Sequent’s role is to facilitate and coach the teams so they can implement and sustain the practice.

Formulating a Product Strategy

Formulate goals, a strategy, and roadmap for a product or product line

Developing a Product Business Case

Develop a comprehensive business case for your new product, major enhancement, or other product related investment

Launching a New Product

Craft a go-to-market plan for a new product or major enhancement

Creating Customer Focused Value Propositions

Strengthen your product’s market position with a customer-oriented value proposition

Implementing Product Management

Guide the process to develop an organizational strategy to implement product management

Assessing Product Management Organizational Effectiveness

Determine what’s needed to fine-tune the product organization. If you would like to raise the bar in your own career, or for your team on these or any other product management practice, ​contact us​ and we’ll have a conversation.


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