About the Workshop

Our Business Case Applied Learning Program is designed to help product managers and their teams to produce a believable, data-driven investment justification. The program creates a repeatable framework for your product organization.


Each workshop is made up of 3 or 4 business case teams. Once in the program, the workshop cadence mirrors the business case process as teams work through each section, present to one another, and facilitate the progress toward the completion of an actual business case.

The program consists of a ​2-day comprehensive workshop and an optional ​6-8 week work project in which participants are asked to develop their complete business case. The work projects are individually guided by one of our expert facilitators via online coaching sessions, and the program culminates in an onsite report-out of the completed presentations.

In this Workshop, Success is Achieved With:

  • A designated, empowered product team
  • Financial, market, and operational data
  • Information about the company strategy
  • A ready-to-work and achieve mentality


Designed to help product managers and their teams to produce a believable, data-driven investment justification.

In this Workshop, Participants Will:

  • Understand the context for a business case
  • Helps to define and evaluate powerful product opportunities
  • Learn to navigate and apply the business case development process
  • Collaborate on the justification and recommendation for a product investment
  • Assemble the story and prepare a comprehensive business case presentation

Workshop Benefits:

  • Teams and leaders make better business decisions
  • Creates a platform for consistency and productivity
  • Integrates transparently with corporate business and portfolio strategies
  • Raises the level of business and financial acumen across disciplines
  • Produces auditable artifacts
  • Assures effective implementation and integration with the company’s operation

Workshop Delivery Options:

  • 2-day on-site workshop
  • Optional: Add-on our 6-week coaching and review sessions

On-Site Delivery

Most product managers and their teams find value in face-to-face facilitated training. Sequent’s onsite workshops provide a unique experience through its team-based approach to action learning.  These facilitated programs follow a “tell-show-do” model; to explain concepts, demonstrate the application, and allow people to apply.

Sequent works with your company to review content, determine areas of customization, organization of teams, and arrangements for workshops for a truly bespoke experience.

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