Develop the Expertise to Succeed

In order to excel at your career as a product manager, you’ll not only need access to the right tools, but you’ll also need a partner who can help guide you through those tools and help increase your product management acumen. 

You can depend on Sequent to contribute with a portfolio of dependable resources, including product management training, product management books, templates, and published insights.  With this, you’ll be able to earn the empowerment you deserve while delivering the results that will earn you the promotions you seek!

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Product Management Essentials is the perfect platform for product managers to learn their jobs, earn empowerment, drive the team forward, and deliver results! This two-day public workshop is for product managers who need to establish credible product leadership with a solid understanding of full-stream product management.

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After participation in any Product Management Essentials workshop, you’re eligible for our Product Management Certification Program. The exam has been vetted and ratified through our ​Product Management Executive Board​ (PMEB) and is exclusive to Sequent Learning Networks.

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The Product Manager’s Desk Reference (2nd ed) has been referred by many as the bible of product management.  Its easily accessible content provides the knowledge, tools, and insight you need to establish yourself as a cutting-edge product manager who contributes measurably to your company’s success.

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