Product Managers and product leaders continually search for engaging resources to contribute to their knowledge and effectiveness. After all, who doesn’t want to be successful in their careers? Success this personal necessitates the kind of books that are accessible, helpful, and filled with tools and templates to contribute to the success you deserve.

Steven Haines, Sequent’s founder understood this need. He devoted more than two decades to conduct research and establish performance benchmarks that identify what well-run companies do to achieve success with their people, products, and processes.

Our portfolio of product management books offers you the ability to hone your craft with just-in-time templates, examples, and guidelines. These books are the perfect companion to our product management workshops.

the product manager's survival guide best selling product management book second editionThe first and most comprehensive book about how to get started as a product manager, The Product Manager’s Survival Guide provides best practices, practical on-the-job advice, and a step-by-step blueprint for succeeding in Product Management. Whatever your level of experience–whether you’re a novice product manager or seasoned Product Management leader–you’ll find everything you need to make consistent positive impacts on your business.

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product manager's desk reference by steven haines

The Product Manager’s Desk Reference (3rd ed) has been referred by many as the bible of product management.  Its easily accessible content provides the knowledge, tools, and insight you need to establish yourself as a cutting-edge product manager who contributes measurably to your company’s success.

In this definitive product management guide, the world-renowned product management thought leader Steven Haines clearly illustrates the entire product life cycle, from beginning to end. The Product Manager’s Desk Reference (3e) is packed with an array of best practices and helpful hints that are critical to the efficient management of products.

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An essential resource for product management leadership, Leading Product Management is the 2nd edition (retitled) of Managing Product Management to encompass a broad array of practices needed to organize any company to focus on people, processes, and products. Be sure to check out our workshop for the managers of product managers based upon this book, Managing and Implementing Product Management.

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Most business people will encounter a situation where money needs to be invested in the business. Investments might involve the expansion of capacity, a new product, to enter a new market., or any investment that will impact the performance of the company.  A business case qualitatively and quantitatively rationalizes an investment while considering elements that capture the current situation, proposed solutions, and economic outcomes.  It offers a common way to rationalize investments and to help emerging leaders establish credibility.

This book explains the purpose of a business case, and how to assemble a business case for presentation to management.


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Strategic planning is usually seen as any company’s structured game plan to define and achieve its goals. This does not reflect the reality most business people face every day.  Strategic planning isn’t a once-a-year exercise.  Rather, strategy is complicated and dynamic, influenced by many factors that ebb and flow.  Managers and leaders alike need a way to develop the mindset to think strategically and with agility within market environments that change rapidly. This book is designed to help you understand the building blocks of strategy and to help you develop the strategic initiatives to drive your business into the future.


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