About the Workshop

Derived from our instructor-led program, we help product leaders and leadership teams optimize their product organization and better enable their product managers in a unique online learning program.

The main goal is for the leadership teams to produce a strategic organizational action plan to fortify and improve the structure and function of product management, and to learn how to cultivate the talent pool of product managers.

Unlock the potential of Your Product Managers

The foundation for this workshop is the book ​Leading Product Management by Steven Haines, the ​definitive guide for managing product managers​ and product management teams.

15 Video Modules and Working Sessions Designed to Drive Leadership and Action

Key Benefits

  • Focus on the product management framework from beginning to end
  • Apply best practices to your organization based on an assessment
  • Define the ultimate product management attributes while creating a development plan
  • Develop an Organizational Action Plan
  • Align leaders across the company about the role and purpose of product management
  • Develop the proper infrastructure to support product management (data, processes, metrics, etc.)
  • Fine-tune the skills, competencies, and behaviors or the product manager population

What’s Included:

  • 2 1/2 Hours of Video That Drive You To Take Action In Your Organization​
  • A Professional Development Workbook to Help You Apply Your Key Learnings​
  • A Digital Certificate of Completion to Add to Your LinkedIn Portfolio and Resume​

Online, On-Demand Delivery

For individual product leaders and product executives, who want to improve their knowledge and capability, and need to efficiently manage their time, our online on-demand training provides courses designed to help you learn at your own pace. Programs are divided into digestible chapters with videos, check-ins, quizzes, and other learning resources; based on the book, Leading  Product Management by Steven Haines.

If you’re interested in getting everyone in the product management sandbox with customized team training, virtual or scheduled on-site delivery is recommended so that conversation and coaching can be facilitated.


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