About the Workshop

Our Implementing and Leading Product Management Workshop is designed to help leaders of product organizations and/or managers of product managers enable their teams with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to be successful.

The main goal is for the leadership teams to produce a strategic organizational action plan to fortify and improve the structure and function of product management, and to learn how to cultivate the talent pool of product managers. The action plan is shaped in incremental 90-day sprints that allow for ongoing coaching and facilitation by Sequent’s subject matter experts.

Unlock the potential of Your Product Managers

The foundation for this workshop is the book ​Leading Product Management by Steven Haines, the ​definitive guide for managing product managers​ and product management teams.

Let us teach you how to organize the product management function of your company to create, build, and produce innovative and game-changing products and services

Key Benefits

  • Focus on the product management framework from beginning to end
  • Apply best practices to your organization based on an assessment
  • Define the ultimate product management attributes while creating a development plan
  • Develop an Organizational Action Plan
  • Align leaders across the company about the role and purpose of product management
  • Develop the proper infrastructure to support product management (data, processes, metrics, etc.)
  • Fine-tune the skills, competencies, and behaviors or the product manager population

Build a Bespoke Learning Program

While this workshop is a 3-day workshop, it can be scaled down to two-day delivery, or scaled up to a four-day delivery, depending on your learning goals. It can also be modified to reflect your firm’s processes or models.

On-Site Delivery

Most product managers and their teams find value in face-to-face facilitated training. Sequent’s onsite workshops provide a unique experience through its team-based approach to action learning.  These facilitated programs follow a “tell-show-do” model; to explain concepts, demonstrate the application, and allow people to apply.

Sequent works with your company to review content, determine areas of customization, organization of teams, and arrangements for workshops for a truly bespoke experience.

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