Product Management Executives

Build a 21st Century Product Organization
To build and lead a dynamic, agile product management organization, leaders need to develop new mindsets and capabilities to cultivate their product management talent pool, while aligning other leaders around the mission and purpose of product management.


Product Managers

Develop the Expertise to Succeed
You aspire to greatness in your profession as a product manager. To achieve this, you’ll want to improve your product management acumen.  You can depend on Sequent to contribute with a portfolio of dependable resources, including product management training, product management books, templates, and published insights.  With this, you’ll be able to earn the empowerment you deserve while delivering the results that will earn you the promotions you seek!


Learning & Development Professionals

Support the Culture of Product Management
Your company is on a transformational journey.  The sectors in which you operate rapidly evolve, customers’ needs seem to change daily, and the edict to deliver distinctive, differentiated products and services is relentless.