Support the Culture of Product Management

Your company is on a transformational journey. The sectors in which you operate rapidly evolve, customers’ needs seem to change daily, and the edict to deliver distinctive, differentiated products and services is relentless.

How can you, as a learning and development, or talent management partner in your company contribute? Consider Sequent Learning Networks as your trusted source and advisor where our diagnostic process and targeted training programs can help your leaders formulate a durable organizational development strategy, with product management at the core.

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Sequent provides a comprehensive framework to assess product managers and evaluate the product management organization. By understanding the makeup of core competencies of product managers and the effectiveness of product management practices, it’s easier to define the training programs and coaching required to bring your product management organization to the next level.

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Train your team to achieve product management excellence with our selection of targeted workshops.  Accelerate transformation by unlocking the potential of product management in your organization.

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After participation in any Product Management Essentials workshop, you’re eligible for our Product Management Certification Program. The exam has been vetted and ratified through our ​Product Management Executive Board​ (PMEB) and is exclusive to Sequent Learning Networks.

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Our portfolio of product management books offers you the ability to hone your craft with just-in-time templates, examples, and guidelines. These books are the perfect companion to our product management workshops.

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