Build a 21st Century Product Organization

To build and lead a dynamic, agile product management organization, leaders need to develop new mindsets and capabilities to cultivate their product management talent pool, while aligning other leaders around the mission and purpose of product management.

With its deep experience and diverse perspectives on product management organizational excellence, Sequent is an ideal partner to guide your growth.  With a suite of diagnostics, a dynamic product management workshop curriculum, and longer-term advisory programs we’ll help you keep things on track so you can drive your product organization to new heights.

If you’d like to have your product managers and product teams capitalize on proven, best-in-class product management methods, let’s have a conversation about how Sequent can help.

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Sequent provides a comprehensive framework to assess product managers and evaluate the product management organization. By understanding the makeup of core competencies of product managers and the effectiveness of product management practices, it’s easier to define the training programs and coaching required to bring your product management organization to the next level.

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Train your team to achieve product management excellence with our selection of targeted workshops.  Accelerate transformation by unlocking the potential of product management in your organization.

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These detailed hands-on product management programs are designed for collaborative work teams who will benefit from embedding a repeatable practice within their company. They are designed to take a step-by-step approach with teams as they prepare, participate, and work together for up to 8 weeks.

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