How do you drive product and portfolio growth in an increasingly competitive climate?

You build a world-class product management organization ​and​ cultivate a top-tier force of product managers. As a global training and advisory services firm, we help our clients make significant, long-term improvements in their people and processes so they can build durable, competitive products with compelling user experiences.

With more than two decades of benchmarking research and our ongoing ​product management assessments,​ we constantly study trends and evolving best practices so that our clients can benefit from the advancement of the practice and perfection of product management.

Our Approach

Sequent Learning Networks is a global product management training and advisory services firm. We provide product management assessments, a targeted training curriculum, and advisory services for product management leaders and product teams. Our engagements focus on one or more of the following:


Organizational Assessments
Through our comprehensive product management assessments and diagnostics, we evaluate people, processes, and the enabling infrastructure to better understand learning and organizational development opportunities.


Focused Training
Our curriculum is oriented to the product life cycle. This provides the backdrop to customize content and create an optimal training pathway. Additionally, our outcome-driven action learning programs are designed to create a long-lasting learning experience.


Helpful Resources
For product management professionals, we provide a host of product management books, templates, podcasts, tools, and other resources that help you stay informed and ensure that the learning never stops.

Product Management

Product managers and product leaders benefit from guideposts that provide the optimal context for learning about product management and to contribute to what’s needed to transform any organization. Sequent’s unique Product Management Life Cycle Model provides this vital framework as a backdrop to its product management organizational assessments and product management training.

The model is a depiction of the life of a product, from beginning-to-end. It is a depiction of a multi-dimensional, dynamic system that provides a framework for consistency in the use of key business practices used across the product life cycle. Because it’s a model for product management excellence, it also considers the reality faced by most businesses today; that product development can be both linear (phase gate or waterfall) and iterative (agile).   These development processes are “framed” by three major areas that are vital to any product’s business: garnering customer and market insights, formulating product strategy, and assessing in-market product performance.

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