With new content and expert advice, this updated edition of The Product Manager’s Survival Guide brings you fully up to date on what you need to succeed as a product manager.

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The first and most comprehensive book about how to get started as a product manager, The Product Manager’s Survival Guide provides best practices, practical on-the-job advice, and a step-by-step blueprint for succeeding in Product Management. Whatever your level of experience–whether you’re a novice product manager or seasoned Product Management leader–you’ll find everything you need to make consistent positive impacts on your business.

Simple and easy to understand, this invaluable guide will help you bring your company into the digital age and continue to evolve with changing times.

In this free preview you will read about:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Product Management

  • What is Product Management?
  • How can Product Management Transform a Business?

Chapter 2: Understanding the Role of the Product Manager and Assessing your Product Management Acumen

  • Expectations of a Product Manager
  • Attributes of Successful Product Managers
  • Understanding Your Product Management Acumen
  • Take the Product Management Acumen Assessment

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