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It’s no secret that customers want products to remain “fresh” and companies need to ensure that they’re always finding ways to add value — all while growing revenue, profit, and market share. These market dynamics necessitate a diligent approach to the management of existing products.

To do this, product managers and their teams rely on a continuous stream of data, and a cohesive approach to the ongoing analysis of that data so that product investment decisions can be more finely focused – so that revenue, profit, and share continue to grow.

Sequent’s Product Life Cycle Optimization Workshop holds your key to the future. In two-days, your product teams will learn how to examine their product’s business and market performance and identify opportunities to fine-tune their product’s business and contribution to the firm… at the speed of the market!

This workshop is delivered as a virtual, instructor-led workshop with the option to add our virtual 6-8 week outcome-driven action learning program.

In this Workshop, Success is Achieved With:

  • A designated, empowered product team
  • Financial, market, and operational data
  • Information about the company strategy

Our Product Life Cycle Optimization Workshop holds your key to the future!

Key Benefits

  • Helps product managers and their teams to understand what’s required to “optimize the business” of their products as they move through chosen markets
  • Provides participants with perspectives and language to understand the business performance of current products – to communicate what’s learned – and to solve complex problems
  • Enables analyses from a data-driven fact base from which better business decisions can be made
  • Inspires a strategic-thinking mindset and to product managers and their teams to cultivate the needed strategic intuition to vigorously compete in chosen markets

Workshop Delivery Options

  • 2-day virtual workshop
  • Optional: Add-on our 6-week outcome-driven action learning program to help with the transformational application of this workshop


Virtual, Live Delivery

For a live structured and guided experience, Sequent’s virtual live programs provide an optimal blend of information, facilitated team exercises, and robust discussions.

Designed for up to four small teams, these programs are delivered by our subject-matter experts who have been skillfully trained to facilitate both in-person and virtual workshops. Our bespoke learning programs can be scheduled across five or six sessions, appropriately spaced, and scheduled to accommodate your team. For many firms, inter-session homework builds deep bench strength and unified cross-functional teams. All of Sequent’s onsite workshops are available for virtual delivery.

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