About the Workshop

This two-day “working workshop” is designed for product teams. Led by an empowered person from product management, they’re joined by people from development, marketing, and others who have accountability for business contributions and returns to the company. 

Teams will work on various items that contribute to the ability to more purposefully:

  1. Incorporate customer and market insights to think more strategically
  2. Consider the product strategy formulation process within the fabric of the entire product life cycle
  3. Establish vision, goals, and strategically relevant opportunities
  4. Rationalize and prioritize opportunities
  5. Utilize the framework of a business case to ensure that opportunities and initiatives can be carried out and absorbed within the product portfolio
  6. Create a strategically relevant roadmap
  7. Assign future-state performance metrics to assess the contributions of product investments
  8. Establish a product health report and life cycle state model

If you’d like to bring your company to the next level, consider this advanced workshop as a stepping stone to the future.



When training is a building block of your company’s evolution and transformation, you’ll benefit from a partner who can guide you on that journey.  Customization projects usually involve an organizational assessment, where competency or other gaps are surfaced.  Those gaps are woven into the goals so that a finely-focused training and development program can be developed and deployed.  Alternatively, we may work with a designated team of subject matter experts. In this scenario, we review that actual workshop (or workshops) and identify areas that need to be aligned with key processes, or terminology, or tools.  A pilot delivery is used to test and learn prior to a broad rollout in your organization

The logical next step after the Product Management Essentials workshop.

What’s Included:

Each participant is provided with ongoing support that includes:


  • Access to the Sequent Alumni Community, that includes:
    • Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) videos that cover key topics of this workshop
    • Templates to help you apply the learning after the workshop
    • Other content to guide you on your professional journey

Advanced Product Management & Strategy is the perfect platform for product managers and their teams to learn their jobs, earn empowerment, and deliver results.

While this workshop is a 3-day workshop, it can be scaled down to two-day delivery, or scaled up to a four-day delivery, depending on your learning goals.  It can also be modified to reflect your firm’s processes or models. It can also be offered via virtual, web-based delivery.

Virtual, Live Delivery

For product managers who want a more immersive experience with facilitated conversations, exercises, and interactive experiences, you can join our scheduled product management training.  Unlike other “virtual” programs, Sequent’s are specifically designed to provide an optimal blend of information, facilitated team exercises, and robust discussions.

March 18-19, 2024

Chicago, IL Business Acumen Essentials $1,895
Business Acumen Essentials $1,895

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