The true test of a products’ success is when customers buy your product because they perceive the benefit you intend to deliver. Product managers and their teams are responsible to ensure that their products deliver on the promise of that benefit.  Our Value Proposition workshop is an outcome-driven action-learning workshop designed to help product managers and their teams create compelling value propositions, positioning statements, marketing messages, and pricing models. It is intended to embed a repeatable processs in which designated product teams consider segments, customers within those segments, and competitors, and value drivers for each customer type.  

Your teams benefit from our expert facilitation of the teams so they can harness the creative energy of the team to develop those value propositions. 
The program consists of a one or two-day workshop (depending on the degree of customization) and a 6-8 week work project in which participants will visit and interview customers, conduct research, and develop a series of value propositions for various customer types within their target segments. Each team is expertly facilitated by our subject matter experts via online coaching sessions, and the program culminates in an onsite report-out of the completed value propositions.

Optionally: this program is also available as a small team coaching workshop , over the course of one-day, two-days, or a multi-week program.

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