How To Succeed As Product Manager In A Tech Company

Product Management and Technology Companies.

My first thought is that the word technology seems so overused that it’s meaning has been blurred. When people use the term, they can mean anything from an app on your portable device to a platform to software delivered as a service or any number of business models.

The Bigger Picture

Think about it – banks run on software, Airlines run on software.  When I see a GE commercial on the TV, they say they’re a technology company that manufactures stuff.

OK, so the tech is everywhere and has been for eons.

And so is the role of product management in tech companies.

Where is Your Focus?

From my vantage point, product managers in tech companies tend to focus more on the development and in shepherding development projects and less time garnering market insights, formulating strategies, and determining if their products have contributed their financial and business results.

This consistently shows up in my research at my firm, Sequent Learning Networks.

I recently met up with Jeff Metcalf and we struck up a great conversation about the role of the product manager in a technology company. I hope you’ll tune in to my podcast to listen to this very interesting episode of Masters of Product Management.

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