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Sequent Learning Networks is a product management training and advisory services company specializing in providing analytics, training, and tools for product management organizations. Our approach is guided by three foundational principles:
  1. Understanding your learning and development needs
  2. Providing targeted consultative training and support
  3. Achieving long-term results


Our goal isn’t just to provide training. Instead, we seek to fully develop your product management talent by first analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and pain points of your organization and then designing a training program that addresses your specific goals and needs. The most effective way to accomplish this is by starting with one of our comprehensive product management diagnostic assessments, which are based on over 20 years of benchmarking knowledge and experience.


The core of our business is providing training that is targeted to address your specific business needs. We do this by drawing upon a core curriculum of consultative workshops that have been designed to step your product management teams through specific tasks and work projects throughout each phase of a product’s life cycle. Our unique approach combines classroom style facilitation, hands-on application, and post-workshop tools and resources; allowing your team to turn the learning into actual doing!


We realize that learning can’t just end with a workshop. So, in order to help your team apply the classroom learning to actual work tasks, we offer a full range of product management tools in the form of books, templatesblogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, and other online resources so that your product management team can continue their learning well beyond the workshop.
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