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We deliver Essential and Project workshops to large and mid-sized corporate clients on the subjects of Product Management and Business Management.


Our essential workshops are designed to give participants an overview of product management life cycle activities (View Model Here >>). Workshops are available for brand new product managers, experienced product managers and product management leaders. We guide our executives through an interactive workshop, that provides impactful storytelling and useful tools and tips through hands-on group exercises. We offer 3 exclusive workshops fully based on each of the 3 Product Management books by Steven Haines.

The result is an engaging, high-energy, workshop that has been designed for effective long-term application.

Available in public and on-site format:

How To Survive as a New Product Manager

The ONLY Workshop based on the book, 'The Product Manager's Survival Guide'. This is a workshop designed to help you become as productive as possible, as fast as possible as a new Product Manager.

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Product Management Essentials

The ONLY Workshop based on the book, 'The Product Manager's Desk Reference'. This workshop is designed to help Product Managers lead businesses and be successful in their roles, as well as understand how products are created, developed, launched, and managed throughout their life cycles. 

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Managing Product Management

The ONLY Workshop based on the book, 'Managing Product Management'.  This workshop is specifically designed to help leaders of product managers enable their teams with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to be successful in Product Management.

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Our advanced level workshops explore specific work activities and step participants through the process of performing higher-level tasks. In these workshops, we help your teams turn theory into practice and produce real work that your company can utilize and benefit from.

Our exclusive format includes a 2-day workshop followed by an 8 week work project. During this time, participants receive coaching and guidance from our subject matter experts. The program concludes with each team presenting their final projects in a formal onsite meeting.

Available in on-site format only:

Product Strategy

This workshop is designed to help product, business, and marketing managers develop clear and effective strategies for their products and portfolios. 

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Post-Launch Life Cycle Management

This workshop will help participants develop life cycle maps, actions plans for all 4-Ps (including product road maps), and will establish clear product dashboards by which they can measure their progress and success. 

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Business Case Development

This workshop is designed to teach product managers how to develop and present successful business cases to help their companies grow.

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Product Launch Planning

This workshop is designed to help product, business and market managers plan and deliver exceptional product launches and, in turn, deliver fast profits, greater market recognition, and a distinct competitive advantage.

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Presentation Skill Builder

This workshop will allow your presentation to be your performance on how well you can engage your audience - leave it memorable. 

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Translating Customer Insights

This workshop is designed to enable product managers to build stronger customer connections, create more targeted products, and implement more effective pricing and marketing programs.

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Pricing for Profit

This workshop is designed to help product, business and marketing managers determine the market value of their products by aligning customer needs with product benefits.

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Product Scorecards and Financial Management
This workshop provides the essential vocabulary, tools and methods so that business managers and the teams they lead can learn how to apply financial principles to more effectively manage their products and businesses. 




Sequent’s team of subject matter experts consists of former corporate practitioners. Each facilitator has an average of twenty years’ experience in executive leadership and is a specialist in the areas of Product Management, Business Management, Marketing, Product Development, and Product Strategy.


To find out more about our company and the services that we offer, please contact us at:

+1 212-647-9100 or info@sequentlearning.com