The world may be facing challenging times, but our commitment to your product management professional development is stronger than ever.

Let us help you continue your product management professional development with complimentary access to our Product Management Alumni Continuing Education Video Library.

At Sequent Learning Networks we believe that the training shouldn’t end when you leave one of our workshops. That’s why we provide all of our workshop participants with access to our comprehensive library of 18 Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) videos. But today, we would like to provide open access to the product management community. This comprehensive library is filled with short helpful instructional videos that you can use to “sharpen your saw” during a challenging time.

Each video is between 3 and 5 minutes long and serves as a reminder of key points, critical takeaways, and essential topics that can be easily accessed, reviewed, and applied on the job well after the workshop has ended.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Creating a Competitive Benchmark Analysis
  • Creating a Strong Value Proposition
  • Uncovering your Customers Needs
  • How and Why to Segment the Market
  • The Essentials of Product Strategy
  • and more!

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We make it easy for your team to take their learning back to the office with all-encompassing product management templates that are based on our frameworks, books, and workshops. Our templates and tool kits are also included and worked through our corresponding product management training programs.

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What We Offer

Sequent Learning Networks is a global product management training and advisory services firm. We provide product management assessments, a targeted training curriculum, and advisory services for product management leaders and product teams.


Organizational Assessements

Through our comprehensive product management assessments and diagnostics, we evaluate people, processes, and the enabling infrastructure to better understand learning and organizational development opportunities.

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Targeted Training

Our curriculum is oriented to the product life cycle. This provides the backdrop to customize content and create an optimal training pathway. Additionally, our outcome-driven action learning programs are designed to create a long-lasting learning experience.

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Reliable Resources

For product management professionals, we provide a host of product management books, templates, podcasts, tools, and other resources that help you stay informed and ensure that the learning never stops.

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