How To Look Like A Rockstar In Your Product Management Role

What does it really mean to be a Rockstar Product Manager? Have you ever compared a Rockstar and a Product Manager?

Yeah, we haven’t either…until now. However, when we did, we learned how much these two professions really have in common!


Below are (4) common traits found in both Famous Rock Stars and Rockstar Product Managers:

  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Consistency

Let’s discuss how each of these is similar:


Rockstars – If they can’t get a large crowd following them, believing in what they do, filling large venues, and selling many albums, they won’t be performing very long and Rockstar status is likely at risk.

Product Manager – The ability to lead without authority is one of the most important traits for any product manager, which is true leadership. We have to get a group of people, who often do not report to us, to believe in us and to trust us as a leader. In order to do this, we need to build trust within our cross-functional teams which is often the result of all the other traits being done consistently well. If we can’t lead, we are likely finding it very hard to be successful.


Rockstars – If they don’t care about their music, then why should we? The musicians that connect to their music the most, often emotionally, are the ones that we believe and therefore appreciate and listen to the most. Without passion it’s just words, so why would people play it loud or jump around during a concert?

Product Managers – If we aren’t passionate about our ideas, about our process, or about the people we are working with, then why would anyone else be passionate about it? We may not be passionate about our particular product line but what about the potential change it can make? What about the process of brining something new to market? If we are presenting a business case, or a new idea to a cross-functional team, but there is no passion why should we expect to get funding? If we don’t care about, why would they?


Rockstars – Uniqueness and Creativity are found in just about every Rockstar we know. They don’t copycat other musicians; they may have a unique voice, lyrics, style or way of performing. They understand music and styles that are out there, and then choose to present themselves in a creative and often memorable way. Copycats are not typically Rockstars, its usually Rockstars that are copied from.

Product Managers – Being unique and creative is something that is necessary to launch products to the market that are potentially differentiators. We must understand the marketplace, understand the competition, and understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to bring products to the markets that are unique and market leaders. We cannot simply follow the competition.


Rockstar – As opposed to a “One Hit Wonder” a Rockstar needs to stand the test of time. Likely there are multiple albums that are hitting the charts, winning Grammy’s, or just gaining mass popularity within their genre.

Product Manager –Lets face it, not all the tasks of Product Managers are exciting, and sometimes not all products are exciting either. Whatever the situation, we need to be consistent, we need to continue to work hard to launch and manage great products into the market. Every product has a lifecycle, so we need manage those products consistently and effectively to make sure we continue to be successful in the market and not be a “One Hit Wonder”

So now that you know what defines a Rockstar Product Manager, do you feel you are one?

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