About the Workshop

This two-day in-person workshop and certification program is designed for product managers who need to establish credible product leadership through a deep understanding of the business of the product, across the entire life cycle.

The imperative for product managers and their teams to be agile, strategically oriented business people is vital to company success. Added to this, product managers must contribute to the firm’s transformation, especially with more digital products in the portfolio.

The value proposition for Product Management Essentials is enhanced when key cross-functional team members participate and gain an appreciation for product management, and to clarify roles and responsibilities. This fine-tunes the ability to think strategically, prioritize work, act with agility, and make better decisions.

Upon completion of this workshop, product managers will be tested on their comprehension and application of key learnings with our Product Management Professional Certification test.

The foundation for this workshop is The Product Manager’s Desk Reference, 3rd edition, written by Steven Haines (McGraw-Hill), the “bible” of product management used by some of the largest and most prestigious companies around the globe.

Key Learnings

  • Focus on the entire life cycle, from start to finish
  • Attention to both Waterfall and Agile product development methods (mixed mode)
  • Emphasis on the “art” of influencing, storytelling, and getting the job done
  • Cultivation of a “business ownership” mindset

The perfect platform for product managers to learn their jobs, earn empowerment, drive the team forward, and deliver results!

What’s Included:

Each participant is provided with ongoing support that includes:

  • Access to the Product Management Professional Certification Exam
  • 25 Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) videos that cover key topics of this workshop
  • 14 templates to help you apply the learning after the workshop

In-Person, Public Delivery

Product managers find tremendous value in face-to-face facilitated training.  Sequent’s scheduled face-to-face workshops provide a unique experience through its team-based approach to product management training.  These facilitated programs are optimized for learning with modular courses, targeted exercises, and intensely interactive discussions.

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