Invest 20 minutes to take your leadership acumen to the next level.

It’s no secret that executives want mid-to-upper-level managers to evolve into the leaders of tomorrow.  Even with the thousands of books, university publications, and consultant reports, sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out which characteristic you can or should develop.

No matter where you are on your leadership development journey, you’ll benefit from what’s revealed in this recorded webinar: The Ten Pillars of Leadership. Here, Steven Haines, globally recognized author and thought leader in product management and business acumen will provide a simple explanation on these ten key areas. Then, you’ll be invited to do your own leadership acumen self-assessment where you’ll receive a free report with 60 action-oriented suggestions.

 Here’s a good way to look at this offer:

     10  pillars of leadership

     20  minutes of your time

     30  questions in a leadership acumen self-assessment

     60  suggestions you can put to work, when and how you want to

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Business Acumen Training

There’s a gap that separates best-in-class companies from others. That gap is business acumen excellence. The Business Acumen Institute helps complex corporations to build a bridge to a profitable future, with business acumen excellence at the core. At the Business Acumen Institute, we strive to help managers understand the pillars of their companies’ business and to operate effectively and efficiently.

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Product Management Training

How do you drive product and portfolio growth in an increasingly competitive climate? You build a world-class product management organization ​and​ cultivate a top-tier force of product managers. As a global training and advisory services firm, we help our clients make significant, long-term improvements in their people and processes so they can build durable, competitive products with compelling user experiences. With more than two decades of benchmarking research and our ongoing ​product management assessments,​ we constantly study trends and evolving best practices so that our clients can benefit from the advancement of the practice and perfection of product management.

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