Steven Haines

Founder & CEO

Steven Haines is the Founder and CEO of Sequent Learning Networks, the author of several bestselling business books, and an energetic public speaker. His ideas and books continue to shape how leading companies organize to produce category defining products and highly performing business people.

Steven’s books include:

Steven has spoken to audiences in the US and in Europe on a host of business topics.

Titles of recent speeches include:

  • Leveraging Product Management for Organizational Success
  • Perfecting Your Pitch
  • How to Improve Business Case Performance
  • IT as a Business: The New Ecosystem
  • The Future of Product Management
  • The Importance of Product Performance Management
  • Walk a Mile In Their Shoes: How to Get into the Heads of Your Customers
  • Your Products Are Your Business!
  • Educating Business People for the Corporate World
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