Here’s the real truth: It’s Never Been Harder to be a Product Manager in the Finance Industry.

Your customers’ needs are constantly changing.

Remember when all a bank had to do to differentiate was offer free checking?

Your customers’ demand more and more from your technology team.

Overnight, you became a technology company whether you wanted to or not and you’re having to answer questions like “Why doesn’t your App have custom, good looking charts like this other one?”

You have people working for you doing a job they don’t understand.

Everyone in your organization, from CEO to CSA, manages your product daily. As head of product, you know how to do Product Management. Do they?

If you’re a Product Manager, you know these things all too well, but until now didn’t know how to fix it.

At Sequent, we’ll train you and your team to make better products, make strategic product decisions, and bring Product Management to forefront of your organization.

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A product that isn’t managed is a product that nobody wants. Not you. Not your shareholders. Not your customers.

You drive product and portfolio growth by building a world-class product management organization. There is no other way. We’re ready to help you build it.

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