Public Workshops

An All-Inclusive Product Management Training Experience

Our product management classes and public workshops offer more than just your average product management training! We provide a total learning experience that is comprised of interactive discussion, hands-on exercises, practical examples, diverse resources and a comprehensive video library to help guide you beyond the workshop. We are committed to helping product managers achieve real and lasting results by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to make an impact in your organization, even after your training.

Product Management

Product Management Essentials

This workshop is our quintessential product management training course. Our 2-Day Product Management Essentials public workshop is designed to teach product managers how to implement best-in-class product management practices within their companies. The workshop takes participants, step-by-step, through our Product Management Life Cycle Model, and provides all the necessary tools and templates needed to be successful along the way. This workshop is based on the internationally-acclaimed The Product Manager’s Desk Reference by Steven Haines.

This workshop includes access to ALL of the following:

Product Strategy

Product Strategy Generation

Our 1-Day Product Strategy Generation workshop is an ADD – ON to our popular Product Management Essentials workshop.

In this special session, you will learn how to compose your own unique product strategy using the tools and methodologies featured in the book Creative Strategy Generation by Bob Caporale.

You can register for Product Strategy Generation separately, however it is highly recommended to attend Product Management Essentials prior to this class to maximize your learning experience.

This workshop includes access to ALL of the following: