Public Workshops

An All-Inclusive Product Management Training Experience

Our product management classes and public workshops offer more than just your average product management training! We provide a total learning experience that is comprised of interactive discussion, hands-on exercises, practical examples, diverse resources and a comprehensive video library to help guide you beyond the workshop. We are committed to helping product managers achieve real and lasting results by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to make an impact in your organization, even after your training.

Product Management Essentials

Product Management Essentials is the perfect platform for product managers to learn their jobs, earn empowerment, drive the team forward, and deliver results! This two-day public workshop is for product managers who need to establish credible product leadership with a solid understanding of full-stream product management.  It takes product managers on a step-by-step journey across the product life cycle using our product management life cycle model.  This product management training is facilitated by experts who bring the material to life and guide participants through action-oriented exercises that can be immediately brought back to the job.

Key advantages:

  1. Focus on the entire life cycle, from start to finish
  2. Attention to both Waterfall and Agile product development methods
  3. Emphasis on the “art” of influencing, story-telling, and getting the job done
  4. Concentration on market-oriented product strategies to drive the product’s business

This product management training is based on The Product Manager’s Desk Reference (2e), written by Sequent Learning’s founder, Steven Haines.

This workshop includes ALL of the following AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE:

Product Strategy Workshop

Our 1-Day Product Strategy & Essentials Workshop is an ADD – ON to our popular Product Management Essentials workshop.
This unique program is designed to teach product managers and their teams how to construct a product strategy from the ground up.  The workshop environment is organized into product teams who collaborate, conduct research, and work to uncover market opportunities.  Teams will cull opportunities through a unique scoring matrix so that the most relevant product initiatives are pursued. Finally, the team will craft a presentation that with cohesive marketing mix model and product roadmap. This workshop is based on content from the book The Product Manager’s Desk Reference (2e) by Steven Haines. Key advantages: 1. Develops the required mindset to think strategically 2. Cultivates collaborative cross-functional relationships that build consensu 3. Focuses on vision, goals, and strategy for the product 4. Establishes a foundation for repeatability and consistency You can register for the Product Strategy Workshop separately, however it is highly recommended to attend the Product Management Essentials workshop prior to this class to optimize your learning experience.

This workshop includes ALL of the following AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE: