Take Your Product Management Team To The Next Level

Product Management Certificate Program

 We pride ourselves on guiding product management professionals through successful career development. As part of your learning journey with Sequent Learning Networks, you may now participate in our Product Management Certificate Program to test your knowledge and demonstrate your achievements as a product management professional. Add a product management certification to your resume, and show that you learned and applied your product management training!

Our program consists of a learning course and a separate exam that has been ratified by top product management executives globally via our Product Management Executive Board (PMEB). The certification exam is available exclusively through Sequent Learning Networks and may be purchased along with any of our Product Management Essentials Workshops.

product management certification


To participate in the PMEB Product Management Certificate Program:

  • Attend one of our Product Management Essentials Workshops.
  • Become familiar with the tools and processes outlined in The Product Manager’s Desk Reference
  • 4 weeks after your workshop, you will receive a link to take your exam. The idea is not just to take a test, but also to ensure that you have had the opportunity to apply your knowledge.
  • Prior to taking the exam, you will be given an opportunity to speak with a Sequent Learning Networks representative to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be notified of your result and will receive your certificate in the mail.