Most companies intuitively know the importance of having a clear strategy to drive the success of their businesses, but when it comes to actually developing those strategies at a product line level and turning them into actionable plans, companies sometimes fall short.

At the core of this issue is the basic question: “What exactly is a strategy?”

Often times, companies will confuse strategy with actions, making it impossible to establish the clear and critical linkage between the two. Strategy provides the context for effective action plans, and it is essential that companies and, in particular, product managers, understand the relationship between the two.

In this webinar, we will explore the all-important topic of what a good strategy looks like and, more importantly, how we can turn this strategy into a best-in-class action plan that will serve to bind cross-functional teams together and enable companies to achieve measurable successes for their products and services in the marketplace.

This webinar is designed to provide participants with tips and techniques for turning strategy into action by:

  • Defining exactly what a strategy is and what a good strategy looks like
  • Defining what a strategy isn’t and learning how to differentiate strategy from actions
  • Establishing clear links between strategy and executable action plans that can be implemented to achieve measurable results
  • Exploring how different strategies within an organization should work together and how product line strategies can serve as the glue to bind all of these different strategies around a common set of goals