Selling a company’s products or services outside of their home country is among the most difficult challenges an organization can face. Those who have attempted it know that it is not as simple as replicating or exporting their current ‘go-to-market’ approach. Successful marketing in one country may not succeed in another.

If marketing concepts are universal, then why do practices sometime vary? Does going global require a potentially different strategy?

Successful companies have learned that following best-in-class Global Marketing strategies and execution can strengthen their brand value and increase their revenue and profits. So as cultures, currencies, habits and practices change, how can both large and small companies get it right?

This webinar will explore the concepts, strategies, and success factors of best-in-class global marketing by:

  • Defining best-in-class “Global Marketing”
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities of Global Markets
  • Creating Global Marketing Strategies and it’s marketing mix
  • Outlining the important decisions required to be Globally Successful