Best-in-class product management relies on a cross-functional product team who take business responsibility for the profitability of a product or service offering. As teams become more diverse and global, this requires team membership from multiple disciplines to manage a product like a business, and executives and management who can commit needed organizational resources.

This webcast addresses how cross-functional product teams meet the challenge of combining discipline with entrepreneurship as the alchemy of good performance. Accountabilities, functional support plans, and effective product team leadership will be discussed.

If you want to develop talent and leadership potential in your product teams, this webcast is for you!

What’s inside:

  • A product team should run the business of the product like a board of directors
  • Product teams are accountable for the strategic, market, and financial success of the product
  • A product team leader is responsible for the success of the team as well as the success of the product
  • Product teams and project teams are both cross-functional, but differ greatly in purpose