How do you know if your product management organization is optimally structured?

How do you know if your leadership team is doing the most to equip product managers with the data, tools, and guidance to effectively carry out their work?

According to research done at Sequent Learning Networks, leaders want to know where they stand, and what they can do to improve the effectiveness of their product management organizational investments: those associated with talent, processes, and products. We hear what leaders say and want to take on the challenge.

It is Sequent’s intent to elevate its product management organizational research to the next level.  We will do this through the establishment of a new benchmark that will be known as the Sequent Product Management Maturity Index or SPMMI. The SPMMI will serve as a measurement yardstick for leaders so they are able to determine how their company practices stack up against others, with ideas about what can be done to fine-tune essential product management practices.

Key “practice” areas covered include:

  1. Data availability and management
  2. Process and template management
  3. Performance metrics management
  4. Management of product managers
  5. Product portfolio management
  6. Product management governance

Moreover, when a respondent provides their information, they must also provide the name of a back-up of equivalent knowledge and awareness of their organization.  Each year, the same respondents or their appointed delegate will take the survey again. This will allow Sequent to maintain a higher degree of integrity and allow for the tracking and trend analysis needed to fortify the benchmarks and the Index.  Lastly, Sequent will interview a cross-section of respondents in order to gain deeper insights and contribute to the overall analysis that will accompany the publication of the SPMMI.

Research Qualification

Respondents must be in a leadership role with a sufficient “view” to their organization’s performance, including Revenue, Growth Rates, Market Share, and other metrics.  We will not ask for specifics, but for relevant ranges in these metrics so that we can gain a sufficiently reliable correlation between practices and outcomes.   Position titles for qualified respondents:

  • Chief Product Officer
  • EVP/SVP/VP Product Management
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • General Manager
  • EVP/SVP/VP Product Strategy

If you are at level, regardless of company size, you are invited to take the survey by visiting the following link:


Are you unqualified to participate in our research but are interested in receiving the finished report? Click below to gain access to the future Product Management Maturity Index.

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