organized meeting optimized for product management success

I’m Steven Haines, author of many product management books, and founder of Sequent Learning Networks. From my experience, product management leaders benefit greatly when they have a chance to share best practices and have conversations that matter to their success.

Over 700 leaders have benefitted from my executive get-togethers over the past few years, and I’d like you to consider joining in.

Whether it’s about aligning others around product and portfolio strategy or cultivating product management talent, my job is to share with you the best of our product management maturity research and to facilitate conversations among participants



If you’d like an opportunity to spend a day with your peers and product executives from other industries, you’ll want to participate.

A typical agenda might include:

  1. A review of Sequent’s product management maturity research
  2. A round-robin discussion of what’s working and what’s not
  3. Case study summaries from other firms
  4. Sharing of product management best practices

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