About the Workshop

The imperative for product managers and their teams to be agile, strategically oriented business people is vital to company success. Product managers must contribute to the firm’s transformation, especially with more digital products in the portfolio.

The value proposition for Product Management Essentials is enhanced when key cross-functional team members participate and gain an appreciation for product management and to clarify roles and responsibilities. This fine-tunes the ability to think strategically, prioritize work, act with agility, and make better decisions.

The foundation for this workshop is The Product Manager’s Desk Reference, 3rd edition, written by Steven Haines (McGraw-Hill), the “bible” of product management used by some of the largest and most prestigious companies around the globe.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on the entire product life cycle, from beginning to end
  • Attention to both waterfall and agile product development methods
  • Emphasis on the “art” of influencing, story-telling, and leadership


When training is a building block of your company’s evolution and transformation, you’ll benefit from a partner who can guide you on that journey.  Customization projects usually involve an organizational assessment, where competency or other gaps are surfaced.  Those gaps are woven into the goals so that a finely-focused training and development program can be developed and deployed.  Alternatively, we may work with a designated team of subject matter experts. In this scenario, we review that actual workshop (or workshops) and identify areas that must be aligned with key processes, terminology, or tools.  A pilot delivery is used to test and learn before a broad rollout in your organization.

This workshop got me to stop the daily fire fighting process and to internally examine what my product management team is missing.

This workshop includes:

  • Access to our Product Management Certification Program
  • One year of access to over 50 of our Whiteboard Videos and Product Management Leadership Summit Videos
  • An electronic copy of our Product Management Template Pack
  • A copy of the Product Management Essentials course workbook
  • A copy of our Product Management Framework

Product Management Essentials is the perfect platform for product managers and their teams to learn their jobs, earn empowerment, and deliver results.

While this workshop is a 3-day workshop, it can be scaled down to a two-day delivery, or scaled up to a four-day delivery, depending on your learning goals.  It can also be modified to reflect your firm’s processes or models. It can also be offered via virtual, web-based delivery.

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