It’s no secret that customers want products to remain “fresh” and companies need to ensure that they’re always finding way to add value — all while growing revenue, profit, and market share. These market dynamics necessitate a diligent approach to the management of existing products.

To do this, product managers and their teams rely on a continuous stream of data, and a cohesive approach to the ongoing analysis of that data so that product investment decisions can be more finely focused – so that revenue, profit, and share continue to grow.

Sequent’s Product Life Cycle Optimization Workshop holds your key to the future. In two-days, your product teams will learn how to examine their product’s business and market performance and identify opportunities to fine-tune their product’s business and contribution to the firm… at the speed of the market!

This workshop is delivered in as a 2-day onsite workshop with the option to add our 6-8 week outcome driven action learning program.

Workshop goals:

  • To help product managers and their teams to understand what’s required to “optimize the business” of their products as they move through chosen markets
  • Provide participants with perspectives and language to understand the business performance of current products – to communicate what’s learned – and to solve complex problems
  • Enable analyses from a data-driven fact base from which better business decisions can be made
  • Inspire a strategic-thinking mindset and to product managers and their teams to cultivate the needed strategic intuition to vigorously compete in chosen markets

Success is achieved with:

  • A designated, empowered product team
  • Financial, market, and operational data
  • Information about the company strategy

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