Our two-day ​Launch Pad ​workshop is an outcome-driven action-learning workshop designed to bring cross-functional teams together to collaborate on one or more ​product launches​. Think about the benefit of bringing a team of experts, working together to consider the myriad dimensions and complexities of bringing a product to market.

Participants are primed before they arrive with information that will be used in the workshop. Once in the program, the workshop cadence mirrors the product launch process as we work through each, present to one another, and facilitate the progress toward orchestration of an actual product launch.

The program consists of a ​2-day comprehensive workshop and an optional ​6-8 week work project in which participants are asked to develop their product launch plan for the actual product they’ve been assigned. The work projects are individually guided by one of our expert facilitators via online coaching sessions, and the program culminates in an onsite report-out of the completed presentations.

Optionally: this program is also available as a ​small team coaching workshop​, over the course of one-day, two-days, or a multi-week program.

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