After 20 Years Of Benchmarking, We Have Created Processes That Integrate Seamlessly With Complex Organizations Like Yours


Great training programs need guideposts that enable participants to both follow and apply their learning. All of our workshops are founded upon three distinct frameworks that serve this purpose within our three core focus areas of product management, product strategy, and product marketing.

Product Management


The core of everything we do revolves around the building of successful product businesses led by strong and capable product management organizations. This work is guided by our Product Management Framework, as developed by our founder Steven Haines and featured in his highly acclaimed book The Product Manager’s Desk Reference.

product management framework sequent learning networks

Product Strategy


Product management organizations can only be sucessful if they are guided by clear, concise, and fully developed product strategies. Our product strategy focus area is centered around our Product Strategy Framework. Based on the acclaimed book Creative Strategy Generation, written by our company president, Bob Caporale, this framework provides a step-by step guide for putting together a strategic plan for a product or portfolio.
product strategy framework

Product Marketing


Our product management training is supplemented by a complete product marketing curriculum that provides a deeper dive on the critical subjects of both understanding and addressing customer needs. The core of this focus area is centered around our Product Marketing Framework, which provides much-needed guidance and clarification on how the two areas of market insights and market deployment interact and work together toward a holistic and integrated set of overall marketing objectives.
Product Management Marketing Frameworks