Presenting is a top 5 fear of all Americans, yet we all do it throughout our career. Whether presenting to a cross functional team, Sr. executives, or a large sales organization, how we present ourselves is critically important to our success.  During this webinar we will take a quick peek at some ways that you can enhance your presentation skills in order to be viewed as a business leader, and be memorable in the eyes of the audience.

Some of the topics that will be discussed within this webinar are:

  • Creating Your Personal Touch
  • Limiting Your Distractions
  • Organization of Your Approach
  • Presenting for all Learners

If you are looking for some ways to leave your audience remembering the information that you have shared in a clear and succinct manor then this workshop is right for you.

James Luizzi is the Subject Matter Expert and Workshop Facilitator of Sequent Learning Networks. He has spent 16 years in the financial services industry where his work has ranged from frontline sales to leading major corporate product integrations. James spent 10 years at Prudential Financial. As the  Director of Product Management, he led a team of product managers to explore and implement new investment vehicles within the Southeast Asia region.