Training is more effective when we understand your pain points


Our goal is to have our learning “stick” within your organization. This can only be fully achieved if we first understand the competencies, practices, and culture that exist within your organization so that we can target our training to address your specific needs. That’s where our diagnostic assessments come in.

Sequent Learning Networks offers a full suite of diagnostics within our core focus area of product management. Our assessments are based on over 20 years of benchmarking experience and are offered in 3 different diagnostic levels to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Product Manager, Management practices structure and culture

The framework shown below is used to guide all of our diagnostic projects. This framework illustrates the different product manager competencies and product management practices that are required to support successful implementation of our product management lifecycle model within your organization.

sequent learning networks product management diagnostic framework

To learn more about our product management diagnostic assessments, please contact us!