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The 10-Step Product Marketing Plan is a Functional Support Plan from the Marketing department. Its purpose is to identify explicit activities and deliverables to support the product at various phases of its life cycle, both domestically and internationally.

For new products or for product enhancements, this Marketing Plan serves to map the product’s pathway to the market. You will find that many of the sections of this plan capitalize on the work you carry out to support other documents. This means that the data collected in support of other product-related activities can be used here, or updated as required.

In this template tutorial you will receive:

  • A video tutorial to walk you through the template
  • A digital download of the 10-Step Product Marketing Plan template

Become engaged in this interactive learning program from the moment you register!

What is a Template Tutorial?

From our best-selling Product Management books and workshops, you now have access to our Template Tutorial Library. Pick and choose the templates that will help you achieve success as a product manager. With each template kit, you gain access to an easy-to-use downloadable template and a tutorial video that will walk you through the template step-by-step.

How is a Template Tutorial different from our Online Product Management Workshops?

For product managers who need to complete an explicit task or document, Template Tutorials provide a unique experience.  Each tutorial consists of a video and a matching template. The video explains how to use the template so that you can gain expertise in a given area.
For product managers and their teams who need to have a more comprehensive program, either to build a foundational understanding of product management or to develop a product strategy, Sequent’s online self-paced workshops provide the breadth and depth needed for you to achieve success.

Online, On-Demand Delivery

For product managers who want to improve their knowledge and capability, and need to efficiently manage their time, our online on-demand training provides courses designed to help you learn at your own pace.   Programs are divided into digestible chapters with videos, check-ins, quizzes, and other learning resources; including a copy of The Product Manager’s Survival Guide (2nd ed.).

If you are looking to train your team, Sequent works with your company to review content, determine areas of customization, organization of teams, and arrangements for workshops for a truly bespoke experience.

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